Safety at A.A. Meetings

The God Idea
July 28, 2017
The Unselfish Spirit
August 23, 2017

Alcoholics Anonymous is a microcosm of the larger society within which it exists. As such, problems often found in the outside world can also make their way into the rooms of A.A. We are not immune to the difficulties that plague the rest of humanity, and when questions of the law and its application do occasionally arrive at our doorstep, there are not always easy or simple answers.

Safety is an important issue within A.A. — one that all groups and members can address to develop workable solutions and help keep our meetings safe based on the fundamental principles of the Fellowship. For example: In and around the rooms we are used to newcomers maybe looking suspicious as people sober look suspicious to newcomers. A pragmatic approach is recommended.

If you are a regular meeting or group member you might ask yourself the following questions and consult another member before taking any action:

  1. Have I seen this person before in A.A.?
  2. Do they have a known diagnosed mental illness?
  3. Do they look unusually agitated?
  4. Can you see a firearm or gun in their possession?
  5. Always consult at least another member first before taking precautionary action!

The following documents are meant to assist you further in finding the right balance of safety in A.A.:

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