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Share what was found in A.A. with all those who still suffer.

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Give a token of gratitude for the blessings and evidence of eagerness to share what was found in A.A. with all those who still suffer. Your much needed support goes directly to the office's vital Twelfth Step work.

In addition to stimulating the engagement in your own recovery, a generous contribution of any size helps to ensure the survival as a Fellowship.

Give back what we were so freely given. Alcoholics in distress need your help now.

How We Help Alcoholics

We use your donations to save and transform the lives of those affected by alcoholism in the Greater Cleveland area and empower the voices of sober alcoholics throughout the United States. Last year this office:
answer help calls

Answered the Call for Help

Answered over 22,000 calls for help including general AA information, meeting times and locations or 12-Step Calls to help the suffering alcoholic.
aa meeting schedule

Printed Meeting Schedules

Printed 48,000 updated schedule books of our more than 850 active meetings every quarter.
aa website

Maintained Web Site

Provided information to more than 124,000 people and served up over 1.1 million pages via our Web site.
provide literature

Provided Literature

Sold over 165,000 pieces of literature to groups, individuals, hospitals and treatment centers.
maintain aa inventory

Maintained Inventory

Maintained inventory of 235 literature items for local review and purchase.
publish sell aa literature

Published Literature

Printed 78,000 pieces of literature such as the Who Me?, the Four Absolutes pamphlet, and others.
  • Your contributions help ensure the future of our Fellowship.
    A.A. World Services
    Self Support Card
  • ... without our Services, we’d certainly spoil the main chance of those millions who don’t yet know.
    Bill W., A.A. Co-Founder
    September 1950
  • It is a spiritual obligation to participate by contributing.
    General Service Office
    A.A. Guidelines - Finance

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