AA History

July 28, 2017

Sometimes Quickly

Ebby T. was in deep chicken fat trouble! He had been arrested for running his car into the side of a Manchester, Vermont, lady’s house, then […]
July 5, 2017

How it Work(ed)s: The Evolution of Chapter 5 in Alcoholics Anonymous

“Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our DIRECTIONS.” Heard this before? It may have been at Founders’ Day in Akron. They […]
April 24, 2017

The Lower Lights – In the Early Days

When AA was young and the members few, there was little known of the movement by outsiders. And the handful of men and women who started […]
March 31, 2017

Carrying the A.A. Message Through Literature

“It’s a story I love to tell,” says David R., A.A.W.S. publishing director at the General Service Office, “not only because it’s filled with incident, but […]
December 28, 2016

Why Big Book Manuscript Edits Were So Vital

Bill W finished the pre-publication manuscript (“Multilith”) for the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, in December of 1938. It read like a book of absolute prescriptions e.g.: “Thou […]
September 26, 2016

Tradition Four – Group Autonomy

It’s hard to fathom how well Alcoholics Anonymous has fared throughout its years of existence which began in 1935. Navigating the waters in those early days […]
September 14, 2016

Alcoholics Anonymous: Series of 1939 Plain Dealer articles

October 21, 1939 Alcoholics Anonymous Makes Its Stand Here Success By now it is a rare Clevelander who does not know, or know of, at least […]
September 14, 2016

Alcoholics Anonymous: On religion, discipline and aid

October 23, 1939 In a previous installment, Mr. Davis outlined the plan of Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization of former drinkers who have found a solution to […]
September 14, 2016

Alcoholics Anonymous: On help and support

October 24, 1939 In two previous articles, Mr. Davis told of Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization of former drinkers, banded to overcome their craving for liquor and […]